How To Make The Most Of Your Stay At A Bed And Breakfast In Harare

Choosing the right bed and breakfast can feel overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, you can never be certain how things will go until you get there. Once you have arrived at the bed and breakfast, there may be a certain etiquette for you to follow as a guest that you could be unaware of. Here are some useful tips to follow when visiting bed and breakfasts in the Harare area to get the most out of your stay.

Informing The Host

Many bed and breakfasts cater to their guests’ needs, as long as they know about the information. You should communicate your needs and expectations, either while booking in or when booking online. There are a few small details you should inform your host about when booking, such as dietary requirements, room preferences, how many children will be joining, etc. If it is the birthday of someone in your travel party and you would like to surprise them with something special, mention it to the host and see what comes your way.

Enjoy The Conversation

Mingling with the other guests at your bed and breakfast is a great way to learn more about other cultures and even where you are staying. They may share places they have visited in the area and recommend you make a plan to go there too. Generally, when meeting new people, topics to avoid are politics, religion, or anything that could offend someone. Keep conversations light-hearted and enjoy the company of your fellow travellers.

Eating With Other Guests

Sharing a home-cooked meal while spending time with fellow travellers creates a great environment for your holiday. However, there is no strict rule stating that you have to eat there. Inform your host if you have plans to skip the meal so that they may cater to everyone’s needs. If you plan on going for a picnic in the morning and taking snacks with you, you are more than welcome to do that. If you plan on visiting a local restaurant for breakfast, go right ahead. However, please inform the bed and breakfast of your plans to keep everything running smoothly. This is necessary if it is a smaller bed and breakfast where your absence may affect the catering.

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