How To Choose Accommodation For Your Trip To Harare

Planning a trip can be tough or fun. If you are currently going through a tough planning phase, we hope then that this blog takes the load off your shoulders and helps with the ‘accommodation in Harare’ decision.

When booking accommodation, there are so many factors to consider, so let’s work through some of them with you.

What Is The Destination Type?

A holiday at the beach or at a remote village may mean not choosing a hotel but looking at home rentals. In that case, you should consider the security factor, and you might find out that a lodge or hotel is a better option with a drive to the remote village.

If it is a nature reserve are there tented rondavel options and will all those travelling with you feel safe in them or is bricks and mortar option better for group dynamics?

What Is Your Budget?

Yes, the B-word. It is an important factor. What percentage of your total holiday funds do you want to allocate to accommodation? If safety or extra comfort is a need, then how much more are you willing to allocate to accommodation?

If you have a low allocation then a rented room or hostel is an option. If your budget is high, you can consider an opulent hotel. If you have a moderate budget then consider a B&B or a lodge on a single erf.  This can give you a lovely local experience.

Where To Find Deals?

With the plethora of online portals today, there is definitely a large portion of them dedicated to the travel industry. They are highly competitive and always have a coupon, a group discount or an interesting free add-on to various deals.

What is MOST beneficial about these online options is the reviews. Word of mouth from those who have actually experienced a stay at the accommodation is priceless.

You might find discounts or add-ons that equate to 50%-60% cheaper rates.

What Do Your Travel Partners Want?

Group dynamics is an important factor in travel, so hopefully, you know your companions well and are happy to compromise in the name of dynamics.

Hostel facilities are good for a group on a low budget, and they are safe. Travelling with the family will probably mean a couple of hotel rooms or lodge rooms in Harare. If it is a special occasion trip then perhaps something more secluded, private or tranquil will be a better option than an impersonal, large hotel.

What About Your Eating Habits?

If you fancy yourself as the burgeoning cook of your travel group and have a low budget, then choose a hostel with a communal or community kitchen. Barter some meals with your travel group for a foot massage after a day of sightseeing.

If you prefer to eat with company but are travelling solo then consider a B&B. You might have special dietary requirements and be forced to make your own food. Choose a rental room with a well-equipped kitchen.

Or if you are dining out person, choose a hotel that as independent restaurants in it or select a lodge that can arrange meals delivered to you from nearby restaurants. Ask them to set up a table arrangement in their beautiful, tranquil garden and dine under the stars.


Getting the accommodation right for your trip is really important. We do hope these tips have triggered thoughts of additional items to think of. The list can be infinite. We’d love to hear from you about what your requirements would be.

We would be honoured to welcome you to our Willow Lodge as your accommodation of choice in Harare. We aim to give you a home away from home experience, and our passionate team will give a 5-star service straight from the heart.