Enjoy A Full Hygienic Bed And Breakfast In Harare

When selecting a prime location to vacation within what is usually your first step? A quick Google search or word of mouth seems to be the consensus. So, what is it that typically gives bed and breakfasts, lodges or hotels an excellent reputation, the grand jury is out! P&G Professional carefully conducted a long-term research study on the factors most important to guests when choosing a hotel with an astonishing 78% reporting that cleanliness holds the title as their number one requirement. With Covid-19 threatening our very survival, we at Willow Lodge have naturally taken our hygiene one step further to not only ensure your safety but to provide you with the utmost luxury.

What makes a great bed and breakfast you may ask? Is it the well-scripted non-personalised greetings? The turn down so perfectly hand-crafted set upon your plump pillow? Or is it the unwavering faith that the bed and breakfast you have chosen will ultimately have your best interest at heart and provide you with personalised and true caring no matter the circumstance? We believe the latter. Below we candidly discuss the measures we have so carefully carved out to ensure you, our family, can sleep in a bed which ensures you feel like the royalty you so deserve, without the worry.

How Clean Is Clean?

Cleanliness, a term that could be seen as relative depending on who you speak to. Is it merely that you are provided with a clean set of sheets that have been overly bleached and a towel that reminds you of patron’s past? We have consistently had a rigorous and meticulous cleaning regime, that is something we pride ourselves on; with Covid-19 reaching every corner of the world, we have redoubled our efforts to ensure you can join us on a carefree vacation. With many bed and breakfasts spending a mere 15 minutes on an entire room, neat could be overlooked for clean, but not for us! Our team of well-trained professionals have undergone stringent health and safety lectures to ensure every room is fit to be used as an operating theatre.

What Then Constitutes As A Full Hygienic Bed And Breakfast

From the foyer to the corner edge of your room, our philosophy is that uniformity is practised throughout our premise. It is in the detail that sets us apart. The repetitive cleaning of all door handles and surfaces, the perfectly disinfected ‘top touch’ areas, all the way down to the light switches in your room. In keeping with strict guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation, we clean using only the highest quality of product paired with fragrance diffusers (just to ensure we keep your room as clean as a hospital and not smelling like one!)

Sanitising has become an absolute priority for your safety and ours too. So, in addition to the above, we ensure that every surface in the suite, including handles, keys, doorknobs, taps, tables and desks, pens, buttons and remote controls are fully disinfected. Glasses, whether they had been used or not are all placed into a high-temperature wash with only the best products to give you that oh-so-pristine shine. Now that is what we call meticulous, and to think these have been our procedures even before they became compulsory.

Your surfaces, however, are not the only items that we have ensured are safe and clean. Extra precautions have been taken to ensure that the linen you so dream of has not only been washed with the highest-quality detergent but has been fully disinfected too.

Why Choose Harare, Why Choose Willow Lodge?

With bountiful gardens, a perfectly treated pool and restaurants that we deem world class there is no better time nor place to vacate in Harare. Safaris, amusement parks and botanical gardens but a few put Harare on the top of anyone’s bucket list. It is the African dream many have dreamed of with cleanliness and your satisfaction to boot.

You are what spurs us to continuously work on providing a protected and enjoyable environment. Treating every guest like family, we truly are your home away from home, just cleaner. If you are wanting to take a break from the constant fear and worry of an unsanitary environment, we here at Willow Lodge would be honoured to take that anxiety from you. Contact us today to see how we are fit to cater to your needs.