Benefits Of Bed And Breakfasts In Harare

Harare offers a myriad of different accommodation locations and types. However, a bed and breakfast in Harare can prove to be both comfortable and luxurious as well as practical and hassle-free. A bed and breakfast is usually smaller than a traditional hotel and offers lodging and food in the mornings. This can prove to be ideal for most travelers needs.

Benefits Of Staying In A Bed And Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts offer a variety of benefits when compared to other accommodation types. Firstly, they often include a more personal experience as the owners are likely to be around, overseeing the running of the business.

There is also more chance of you bumping into other people staying at the accommodation as bed and breakfasts tend to be relatively small. This provides a good opportunity to make connections with people and forge new friendships. Also, chatting to people around your accommodation may provide you with advice about Harare and the best things to see and do.

In addition, bed and breakfasts usually have delicious home-cooked breakfasts with a personalised touch that is hard to find in other accommodation types.

Lastly, the rooms will be full of character and may display local style that will not be found in a sterile, generic hotel room.


When travelling, most people will want to save money in any way they can so that they can do as many activities and have as many experiences as possible. A bed and breakfast is often far cheaper than a hotel and offers many amenities, so you will be getting good bang for your buck.

Often bed and breakfasts will offer free WiFi, a place to park your car, discounts on various activities around the area and advice as to how to go about day to day life while travelling. Some may also offer luxury services such as a 24-hour tea service and a swimming pool.

Therefore, bed and breakfasts are good value for money which means you may have a longer holiday or spend on an unforgettable experience.

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