A Beautiful Guest Lodge In Harare Makes Your Experience Unforgettable

Harare is a beautiful city with a rich history, culture and environment. Guest lodges in Harare are widely available to accommodate tourists and locals alike. This accommodation can provide quality service as well as excellent and refined facilities for a convenient and comfortable stay. A central guest lodge is ideal for easy access to all parts of the city, making sightseeing and activities hassle-free and enjoyable. There are a variety of amazing experiences to be had in Harare, cultural and historical tours, wildlife and nature appreciation, just to name a few!

Cultural And Historical Tours 

Harare has a rich culture and history, and much can be learned and experienced through guided tours. Exclusive art tours will lead you through the extensive art scene in Harare to view the beautiful works of well-known local artists. Many of the artists themselves are present, allowing tour-goers to receive intimate insight into various artworks. A full day city tour will ensure that you visit all the most popular sights in Harare, such as various museums, historical colonial buildings, green innovation architecture, and neighbourhoods to experience Harare through the eyes of local Zimbabweans.

Wildlife And Nature

Harare, being the capital of Zimbabwe, is known for its rich biodiversity and wildlife. From big game to tiny indigenous plants, all will be amazed by the natural landscape surrounding Harare. There are a variety of tours that you book to experience this environment. Visit wildlife orphanages and rehabilitation centres to get up close to large animals and learn about habitats and ecosystems. The Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary is also a must-visit, as it houses many different bird species indigenous to Southern Africa.

Lastly, there is a myriad of game reserves around Harare where you can book game drives and guides. Big game, such as lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes and various antelope, can be spotted in their natural habitat. Game drives show the true beauty of the African savannah and are a good opportunity to learn about the environment around us and the beautiful world we live in.

Having a comfortable guest lodge to arrive home to after a full day of outdoor activities is an unparalleled feeling that all should experience.

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