10 Things you Should Know About Harare Hotels & Lodges

Harare, Zimbabwe is known to be one of the most beautiful and tranquil destinations to visit in Africa. It homes many unique and pristine hotels and lodges and has so much to offer on the forefront of activities and entertainment, suited for family fun, business travel or personal leisure. Whether you are a first-time visitor to this beautiful country or a return traveller, there are a few things you may not know and should, about our Harare hotels and lodges.

Unique Features

Many of the best hotels and lodges offer a wide range of unique features and services. One of the most popular of these unique services is the babysitting/child care services. This allows parents who have come on a beautiful family vacation to sneak away for a romantic date night or have a couple of hours of R&R.

Catering for Dietary Requirements

Often, a major concern for travellers is whether or not their stay will be made difficult by their personalised eating choices or constrictions not being catered for. Harare’s lodges are dedicated to making sure all their guests are taken care of and therefore cater for many different dietary requirements such as vegetarianism, veganism and Halaal standards.

Language Barrier Breakers

Due to the extent of international travellers that visit Harare, hotels and lodges are more often than not, able to offer multiple different language translators on their websites and even in-house. This makes travelling to a different country an easy and enjoyable experience.

Conferencing Services

Many of our hotels offer world-class conferencing facilities. With rooms that can cater for small business conferences to large, multi-business conferences there is something for everyone. The hotels also offer a wide range of personalised food and beverage packages to ensure everything you need is taken care of.

Beautification Made Easy

In many of our luxury hotels and lodges you can find an in-house spa or beauty parlour. Offering luxury treatments such as massages and rejuvenating facials, you won’t need to leave the comfort of your hotel to meet your beauty needs.

Currency Exchange

One of the most tedious things about travelling internationally is having to exchange your currency before you are able to start relaxing and enjoying your holiday. This is why some of the hotels actually offer currency exchange services through the establishment itself.

Car Hire Assistance

We know that when you are travelling, you may lose some of your independence by not being able to get around. This is why many of the hotels offer external connections to car hire, have their own car hire services and may even include a personal driver.

Culinary Variety

Harare hotels and lodges home many gourmet chefs and offer a wide range of different culinary styles from all over the world. These establishments are also located close to many esteemed restaurants that are unique and offer unforgettable experiences.

Award Winning Service

Hotels and lodges in this area great service and hospitality. Harare has hotels and lodges that continuously rank in excellence on different travel websites, with our very own Willow Lodge winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2017.

Outdoor Attractions

Zimbabwe as a whole is an extremely beautiful country with so much to offer in landscapes and outdoor activities. The hotels offer many different connections and services to ensure you can make the most of what this unique country has to offer. Whether you are interested in game parks or amusement parks, the hotels and lodges can help you find the activity that best suits you.

Now that you know 10 things about Harare hotels and lodges, it’s time to get to know Willow Lodge at little more. Contact us today!